Thursday, December 26, 2013

Polar Express

   Today was another amazing day at our Nana and Papa's house in Las Vegas! Today I woke up curious about what fun we would do today with our cousins!  When our cousins came, Nana and Papa told   us to sit on the couch to hear a surprise. She first gave us the most comfiest gloves with snowman, reindeer and gingerbread on the fingers! I right away put them on with a smile on my face. I thanked Nana for the wonderful gloves. Who knew what  kind of big surprise was about to come next....................

"We are going to drive to a town named Ely, Nevada and go on the Polar Express and then stay over at a hotel"! I was so happy because I love the movie!  It's a fun exciting movie about a boy who goes on a train on Christmas Eve and experiences the wonders of friendship,and believing. My favorite part is when the cooks give the hot chocolate and dance on top of the seats and tables! To get there we all divided into two cars. My mom brought sandwiches and vegetables for lunch. Yummy!  We drove for a little bit, who knew Nevada would look like what I pictured Utah would look like with lots of  snow caped mountains. It was beautiful but the drive felt like hours.  After a little bit of driving, both cars  stopped at the gas station and picnic area. We all got out of the car and went to use the restrooms. Then, we walked to the tables and ate lunch! After, we played outside,  we got into the car and drove. 

We finally arrived in Ely! We went to the hotel and checked  in. The weather outside was cold with  ice and snow. Our Polar Express experience doesn't start till 7:00pm! So we went to our rooms and watched tv and rested. We all began to grow hungry so we decided to go to dinner at Margaritas,a Mexican resturaunt. When we got there we ordered our drinks. I got a sprite and had a taste of root beer. It tasted minty( My dad thinks I'm crazy thinking that)! For my meal I ordered a chicken quesadilla with rice. It was so yummy. We all ate and talked it was really fun to be here. After, we left and went to get ready for the Polar Express ride. 

We all met down in the lobby and left to go to the station. When we we got to the station we waited for the clock to reach 7:00 so we could board. We boarded on the last car with fun lights. It was cool, we got hot chocolate and a cookie. We all were comfy in our pjs. After,  it was time for the magic switch that would take us to the North Pole. We rode on and on till we reached the North Pole. While riding we sang Christmas songs, and someone read the polar express. After we saw the candy kitchen, the stable of the reindeer and the toy factory from our train window.  It was amazing! By now I was tired but it was the time of Santa Clause's arrival, before he came we received a bell because in the book the first present of Christmas is the bell. Awesome right! We all sat up waiting for him. My cousins got to sit in his lap and tell St Nick what they like for Christmas. I took a picture with him and told him what I would like for Christmas.  After that, we headed back to the station and went back to our hotel. Tommorow we were going to drive back to Las Vegas. 

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